Drummaze Studios

 DRUMMAZE STUDIOS is a full on MIDI drum production home studio. In a time where everyone has a home studio, most songwriters tend to program drums or use loops because recording live drums can be costly. I have a solution. E-mail me your tracks, and I can add "LIVE" drums to them using Toontrack's Superior Drummer 2.0. SD2.0 provides incredible sounds using real drum samples recorded in top studios, with a live drummer, "me" providing the feel and arrangement instead of cookie-cutter groove and fill patterns. 

For Rates, please E-mail me your project information.

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1. Bad Ass Beauty Sampler
2. Cliche Demo by Nalani & Sarina
3. Best Part of Me DEMO by Michael Nappi

4. Home by Carey Yaruss


"More Than A Feeling" Soundalike >>Video on Right >> 
Steve Buonannote: All Instruments except drums(me)
Michael Nappi: Vocals

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